Thank you for visiting us and welcome all ISB members to the ISB Bookstore.


About ISB Bookstore Online service

The Online ISB Bookstore is designed for community members to place school uniform orders. This is strictly a pick-up service, where payment will be processed at the scheduled collection time.

Payment methods

ISB Bookstore accepts a variety of payment methods: cash, ISB Campus.
Card and debit/credit card (minimum BHT2,000).

Note: We are currently not accepting online payments.

Shipping and Delivery

If you are looking for the shipping and delivery the ordered items to your address, we are regret to inform you that due to the current payment methods we have, there is no shipping/delivery service at this moment.

Contact Us

Tel. +66 02 963 5800 Ext. 1130, 1114
Email: bookstore@isb.ac.th